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Spice Tea

(Aa-thi-thi) (Guest): noun


“Athithi Devo Bhava” Sanskrit – Guest is like God.

What would you do if someone that important walked into your house? 


Well, as for us, we will serve the best food we can prepare!

We would run to the kitchen, scour through some of our authentic recipes, whip up the best dishes using the freshest ingredients. Serve it with gratitude and be attentive to their needs. For every “Athithi” that walks in through our door, we will provide the best we can in food and service.

India is a vast and diverse country. Each state – and there are 28 of them – is like a country of its own. Every state has its own unique culture, language, traditions, clothing and food. While we cannot possibly bring all of India here, we certainly can provide a window into Indian food and hospitality. A lot of thought has gone into our menu items and our interior décor. The Dine-In menu is curated to reflect the variety you will find in India with some good options for everyone - including some well-known favorites. Our décor, while simple, is warm, comfortable and welcoming.

Visit us, take a few bites, explore the various flavors and textures, indulge a little, experience the culinary diversity of India.

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