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About Us

Chicken Biryani


Athithi was formed with the desire to provide a culinary experience in Indian food. Similar to some big names in NYC — a place to serve quality, fresh food to Wilton and its surrounding communities; including Norwalk, Westport, Weston, Ridgefield, Darien. Expand NYC a little to the suburbs. 


Joining the journey is our renowned Two Michelin starred Executive Chef - Hemant Mathur, Chef Chandramohan Krishnaswamy (Chandru), and Executive Manager Prince Lal (Prince).


Hemant Mathur

Executive Chef

Working in the food industry for 30+ years, our acclaimed chef has drawn inspiration from all over the world, seamlessly synthesizing the familiar and the unknown to form daringly bold flavors and class. 


Chef Mathur is best known as a tandoor master of traditional clay ovens, hailed the Yo-Yo Ma of tandoori cooking. He is the first Indian chef in the US to earn a Michelin star and retain it across two New York City restaurants.


At Athithi, Chef Mathur's carefully crafted menu items and intimate experience with his creations will leave you with memories that last a lifetime.

Chandru Krishnasamy



Trained in the art of pastry and tandoori cooking, Chef Chandramohan Krishnasamy’s 30-year career in the restaurant industry began in his home state of Tamil Nadu where he studied baking and confectionery at the Culinary Institute of India. As a young chef, he climbed the ranks of the Taj Group of Hotels and became head of their bakery and confectionery department in the state of Madhya Pradesh. 

Seeking to expand his horizons, Chef Chandru set sail as a pastry chef for Celebrity Cruise Lines and landed in Michigan where he became skilled at cooking with the tandoor oven under Chef Shiva Natarajan’s group of restaurants. Over the course of ten years, Chef Chandru opened and oversaw the development of seven Indian restaurants across the East Coast.

Chef Chandru brings his unique knowledge and mastery in the kitchen to execute the creations of our Executive Chef Hemant Mathur



Executive Manager


Prince started his restaurant career in 2007 at an Indian restaurant in Manhattan, NYC. During his decade plus career in the industry, he has worked as a waiter, a bar attendee, an assistant manager and a purchase manager for Indian, Thai, Mexican, and American restaurants. This provides him with a unique perspective, and understanding of the food industry.


It was while working as a Purchase Manager, that he started to find himself dreaming of opening an Indian restaurant providing the best food and service. He started to explore ideas and means to make that happen. All the while, he continued his catering service with the help and assistance of his friends. Until finally taking the leap of faith and deciding to open a restaurant in his hometown of Wilton and Norwalk area, in Connecticut.


He partnered with his friends including Chef Hemant Mathur, and Chef Chandramohan to craft out a project plan. This culminated in scouting out and securing the best location, and building ‘Athithi’ and its staff. Armed with the full support and help from his friends and family, he set out to bring his dream project into reality.


He remains grateful to everyone who has helped him in his journey thus far and requests them to continue their support, prayers and well wishes into the future.

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